Thai Coconut Veggie Curry

I have made this five or six times now and it never disappoints, even if I do. One time I forgot the coconut milk, another I left off the tofu. I have used homemade vegan 'fish sauce' or the bottled kind, doesn't matter. Delicious. It looks like a lot of ingredients, but this comes together... Continue Reading →

2019 Reading List

This year I became a grandmother, so the genre of some of the books I read is changing. I read a couple of books about caring for a new Mom, and they are listed here, as well as fewer books than normal. Turns out I'd rather hold a baby than read a book! These are... Continue Reading →

Greatest Show on Earth


showAll Moms know about the witching hour; the last sixty minutes of the day before Dad gets home and rescues you from Crazyland. For some reason, it is the time of day when the kids are at their absolute worst, more tantrums are thrown and messes made in this short span of time than the whole rest of the day. It’s also when you are trying to get dinner started and transition into the evening hours.

When I was in the middle of this chaos (and it lasted for years) I found something that worked really well to keep us on an even keel. We put on a show. Most every single day. Everybody had to put on a costume or something very beautiful and special. Buzz Lightyear, Spider Man, Pocahontas and many, many of her princess friends came to our shows. The players would then sell tickets, sometimes made…

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