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beautifullifeThe last of the holiday visitors left a while ago. My college co-ed will be home in a few days. So many special people have been and will be sitting at our table, eating with us, sharing where they are now and where they have been. All sleeping here for some amount of time, and joining us in whatever we are doing. Lots of cooking and cleaning and the amount of laundry is sometimes overwhelming, but so is the laughter and the deep feeling of connection.

Suddenly, having only five people in the house will feel inadequate. And peaceful.

Now my house is quiet. Exceptionally still. It’s even starting to snow outside, which adds another layer of calm.  And I am reminded that someday this will be the norm. In a few years we will have quick bursts of chaos and noise, followed by extended periods of peace and quiet. Just like these last several weeks, I want to enjoy the craziness while I’ve got it under my roof.

Lord, help me to relish every minute of cooking, cleaning, arguing, driving, laundry, counseling, snuggling and sharing that comes with living as a close family. Thank you for the change in perspective….again.


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  1. I love it when it snows. Your weekend sounds as crazy as my last one was. May you find peace and joy in this season!

  2. You remind me again why it’s so important to keep the right attitude of blessings and thanks.
    God Bless and Thank you for sharing this.


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