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Does This Family Make Me Look Short?

2013-12-31 22.10.50The time has come….my entire family has outgrown me.

For years I was the measuring stick, with the kids siding up next to me to see where the tops of their heads hit against my hip, arm, shoulder then head. These days I can completely disappear  in the arms of my boy and I have to crane my neck to see the deep beauty of both my girls. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am the mom, because they are becoming so big and capable. Sometimes I wonder if I am really needed all that much, and then I remember that this is exactly what I have wished, prayed and worked for. I knew the day would come, it just seems like it came so quickly…..

Thank you God, for this short life.

2013-12-31 22.08.11



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  1. Beautiful family!

  2. I love seeing your picture and meeting your family! I think I’m going to be outgrown by all my kids too, one of the benefits of marrying a tall dude. You have a lovely family.

  3. This will be me one day… but with 4 kids 🙂 I love the joy of this picture!! Beautiful family!

  4. I nominated you, so please take a look. I’m not sure how it works but here go


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