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Hey look, I’m just not in the mood, OK?!

This is written by a friend of mine whom I respect as a believer and as a wife, who is working hard at having the marriage God intended.

Living Sifted

Sorry I got a little side-stepped in finishing up these follow-up posts on my sex series. I believe this is the last one, for now. If you missed a week of blogs, or are new here…. you can catch the whole series by starting HERE.  I’ll warn you, it’s challenging.  However, I’ll also say, emails, FB messages and blog comments say it’s been worth the invested time to consider.

In all this talk about why sex is important and ideas for where we can improve as wives…. I purposely didn’t hit on this one point yet.  And that’s because it’s a tough one to deal with. Do we really have to follow through with sex when we’re “not in the mood?”

Before I answer that, let’s be honest about why we’re not in the mood.  You know I never paint rainbows here, so I promise not to start now…

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