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Why some fights aren’t worth the fight

What a great post by someone who is probably half my age and so very wise….

The Learner's Prerogative

I was watching something recently, where two characters were fighting. Now, these characters are smart. But they fought and argued over the silliest things. And it got me wondering about how we have this tendency to turn most disagreements into full blown arguments and fights.

We have this inherent need to be in the right. To justify our actions and claims. And to disagree with others who may not uphold our views. I do that too, you know.

But is every fight worth the fight? The answer is no.

On an average, we tend to disagree with most people. And that’s okay. Disagreements are good, because they demonstrate vibrancy and pave way for a more nuanced view of looking at that situation or life in general. But sometimes, we get caught up in justifying ourselves that we forget that disagreements are, in reality, quite good for us. A different perspective doesn’t necessarily…

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