A couple of months ago I was having a conversation with a woman here in Nebraska who HATES the snow. By early March I am certainly not a fan myself, but this woman claims it makes her feel sick, and she has to take Ibupropen to stave off soreness from the cold. She is originally... Continue Reading →


Glitter and Crumbs

Recently my guy and I attended a gala for the Children's Hospital, a night to get dolled up and raise money for a good cause. I had heard that this was an especially dressy occasion, so I bought a silver glitter dress that I had been eyeing for a while. The night of the event,... Continue Reading →


Last week a friend and I visited a museum downtown, there was a temporary exhibit on Light that we were both interested in, so we took the afternoon to do something a little different. I have never regarded myself as artistic or particularly creative, so for me viewing art and seeing light and color tends... Continue Reading →


Recently I was on the phone with our daughter Jessica, who lives in Maine and is attending Midwifery school, a three-year program that will allow her to be a certified professional Midwife. There has been no doubt in our minds over the last couple of years that our girl (no matter how old she will... Continue Reading →

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