Garden Work

Each summer I volunteer some of my time at a local farm, pulling weeds, harvesting vegetables, mulching, filling CSA bags with goodies, whatever needs to be done. And if you've spent any time on a farm, you know that there is ALWAYS work to do. My daughter had heard about this non-profit farm and years... Continue Reading →


Thank You for Your Time

I have a friend named Sean who knows Billy Graham. For years my friend was a manager at a hotel that connected to a hospital, the same hospital that Mr. Graham visited regularly to have tests run. At some point during his stay each time, the evangelist would come into Sean’s office, take a seat... Continue Reading →


  Recently we had some friends over for dinner and conversation. This group is made up of people from our church who have children in the tweens or teens stages and/or have been married 15+ years. We had an agreed upon topic to discuss before hand, and this time it was 'Handling Success'. There is... Continue Reading →

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