Glitter and Crumbs

Recently my guy and I attended a gala for the Children's Hospital, a night to get dolled up and raise money for a good cause. I had heard that this was an especially dressy occasion, so I bought a silver glitter dress that I had been eyeing for a while. The night of the event,... Continue Reading →


What Donald Trump Taught Me About Marriage

Donald Trump is constantly in the news, and recently I was reading about the new tax plan he is unveiling. The writer said that this was a pyrrhic victory for Trump, using a word I had never seen before, so I looked it up. It gives me great satisfaction to see a word well-used, in... Continue Reading →

Still Learning

Recently my guy was telling me about an interaction with a colleague where the other person was incredibly rude, swearing at him, making accusations and issuing ultimatums. The guy is known as a hothead throughout the organization, but this was beyond his normal antics. I found myself getting agitated as he described the discussion that... Continue Reading →

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